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Specific type of psychotherapy: AB-ISTDP

ISTDP is short for Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. This type of psychotherapy fits within a psychodynamic framework. I’ve completed core-training at the British ISTDP-UK training institute, with special attention to early attachment: “Attachment-Based ISTDP”.

About me

“In my life there was too little of something that should have been there”

People are resourceful and resilient. Yet everyone needs safety and unconditional love. It requires a sense of security and caring guidance to be able to experience and express feelings. This might have been lacking in the past. Without such a base, and its resulting attachment to important others early in life, negative, mixed, as well as positive feelings can become harder to access in adulthood.

“I experienced too much of something that should not have been there”

Fundamental assumptions of a good and meaningful world, and of a positive and worthy self, are essential. And for many, luckily, they were part of healthy attachment in childhood. Yet they can be shattered by events too extreme, unpredictable, and uncontrollable to handle. Such stressful life events can be traumatizing for everyone, and the responses to such events are often very normal, understandable, and predictable. Initially they could be seen as healthy self-protective responses. Unfortunately not always as adept to the demands of everyday life.

“I do not want to be labeled”

Based on a psychotrauma-informed understanding of life and living I prefer to offer an active form of therapy. This means it is not the aim to diagnose and treat mental illness. Instead, when we are in contact I observe and invite to pay attention to responses that occur in reaction to what is going on. Often responses aim to conceal experiences we are afraid to share. Many such responses are dynamically related to what has happened in the recent or distant past.

The practice

Easy access

Currently, Tthe practice can be found at Flight Forum near Eindhoven Airport. Easily accessible via bicycle from Veldhoven or (Northern) Eindhoven, as well as by car or public transport. Relocation to the Donna building in vibrant Stijp-S is in preparation.


As PSYCHOLOOG NIP® I’m registered with the Dutch Psychological Institute (NIP) and committed to provide care in accordance with their code of conduct. Furthermore I am registered with the Dutch Healthcare Federation (NFG) and the Dutch Boxing Association (NBB). As well as International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA) certified.


Therapy can be offered in English and Dutch, and if needed we can switch to German, French, Spanish or Italian. Even a few words of Arabic are an option. Sometimes it’s just easier to express how we feel in our own language.

“What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever said?” asked the boy. “Help.” said the horse.

Charlie Mackesy