About me

Psychology of health behaviour

For over a decade I have worked as a psychologist for a large multinational. My area of expertise was the field of health behaviour change: how to help people to adopt healthier lifestyles? By use of technology, coaching, and behavioural change methodologies we created automated programmes to measure, monitor, and motivate. As such, I facilitated profound lifestyle change in large groups of individuals. Currently, my focus is on encouraging indepth life improvements in a smaller group of people: those who have made the brave decision to ask for my help, and who are either literally or metaphorically putting some gloves on.

Together we face what bothers you most

In many ways, education and experience help me to provide a supportive offering. Especially training in AB-ISTDP aided in providing engagement with a focus in the moment. Aided in offering a gentle yet firm approach, whether seated or in movement. For over 30 years I have enjoyed sports in various forms, from boxing and jiu jitsu to horse riding and outdoor bootcamps. When we incorporate body language in therapy, such movement oriented experiences help to keep it safe and comfortable. Together, we are going to ensure you feel engaged in a trajectory that matters; helping to face what bothers you most.

In short:

IEDTA-certified AB-ISTDP therapist (ISTDP-UK 2019-2023)

Psychologist in own practice, “PSYCHOLOOG NIP®” (2016-present)

Psychologist, scientist, and manager at a multinational corporation (2007-2021)

Graduated Tilburg University, MSc. Clinical Health Psychology (2001-2006)

“Allow yourself the pleasure and relief that access to all your emotions can bring”

“Praktijk voor goede gesprekken”

In essence, the name of the practice translates to “a place for good conversations”. Founded in 2016 the practice currently is frequented by visitors from near and afar.

The practice is spacious, light, and radiates a pleasant ambiance with an industrial touch. Chairs are comfortable and there is ample space for moving around during boxing sessions and meetings with larger groups. Online sessions are offered as well, ideally combined with face to face sessions.

If travel distance is an issue, block therapy sessions can be arranged (i.e. twice 1.5 hour with a short break mid way). Home visits or location visits are possible as well. A hot (decaf) coffee, a cuppa tea, or a glass of cold water are available for you to enjoy.

Would you like to know even more about my professional background and experience? Have a look at my LinkedIn, or feel free to simply ask when we meet.