Time investment

As highlighted on this website, I offer various forms of therapy. Yet they share common ingredients: a.o. the immediate start. During our first session we will first check the administrative details and then dive in. You experience what it is like to optimize our time together and if you feel it is right for you. Based on the first session(s), your needs, and the chosen form of therapy, we will schedule length and number of sessions. For ISTDP, I usually recommend one 90 minute session every fortnight. An alternative is so called ‘block therapy’ (two 90 min sessions with a short break in between). This can be an excellent way to try out therapy or to save on travel effort if you come from far. For Boxing Therapy, 45 minutes once a week or per fortnight usually suffices.

If communicated in advance, a partner or relevant other is welcome to join a session. Always make sure to reserve ample time after a session to allow the experience to take its course.


My work as UK-trained ISTDP therapist and NL-based PSYCHOLOOG-NIP® definitely has an international flavour, trained by masters in the field such as psychoanalytical psychotherapist Alexandra Knowles and American psychiatrist Dr. Robert Neborsky. A reimbursement of costs via your healthcare insurance is not an option if you only hold a Dutch “basisverzekering”. Partial reimbursement via Dutch complementary insurance (“aanvullende verzekering”) or from non-Dutch private insurance might be possible, depending on your specific policy conditions*.

Based on intake and trial therapy I can give an indication of the number of sessions and related costs. For Dutch income tax payers: non-reimbursed healthcare costs can be deducted from total income for tax purposes. For such a process a referral from and regular reports to your G.P. would be required. Therefore let me know if you wish to make use of this option. Check the income threshold conditions at the revenue office to verify if it would be of interest to your situation. If you pay income tax in another country than The Netherlands: check your local conditions.


All fees are in Euro and excluding VAT, if applicable. Contact me for more information, corporate rates, or ‘pro-alio’ options. For more information on fees and payment terms, see the Terms and Conditions.

AGB code Praktijk voor goede gesprekken: 94063012 | 90093545

AGB code Roger Holmes: 94102559 | 90117478

*Depending on your insurance policy, partial reimbursement might be available. I do not hold any contracts with insurance companies. Check your policy or contact your insurance provider.