Boxing therapy

Boxing = communication

Boxing therapy offers you a way to get insights about your responses to events that (could) ‘impact’ you. Impact you in a physical as well as emotional, experiential way: often our body tells the same story in response to those triggers, whether they are (perceived) emotional or physical threats. As such, boxing therapy offers a slightly different yet quite similar approach to gain insights into anxiety responses, defence mechanisms, and emotions. Moreover, it may help to boost self-esteem and to regain a healthier level of trust in your body as well as an increase in corporal strength. At the start of the trajectory, we ensure that we have an agreed clear focus and goal.

Boxing = communication. Our bodily responses often are telling us more than we communicate in words. Nevertheless, a boxing therapy session always starts the same way in which a regular (ISTDP) session would start, and ends similarly as well: respectively, by determining our focus and reviewing. What is different is the part in the middle. Yet our joint attention to your responses will stay strong regardless the choice of therapy.

“If you feel like throwing in the towel, you might want to try boxing therapy”


Participating in boxing therapy does not require any experience in the boxing or martial arts. We start quite gently with attention to technique and movement. Of course, with ample attention to safety and the prevention of injuries allowing you to indicate your boundaries as well as gradually increase your level of comfort and engagement. I am a certified boxing instructor with the Dutch Boxing Association.


For instance, after practicing the right stance and movements via shadow boxing we might move to the use of the punch bag. When the time is right, we might use punching pads or gloves in a more dynamic and challenging way. Gradually you will learn skills that help you to move away, block, counter attack or safely receive punches. Always gently, and with attention to how your body and mind respond. At some point, you might even enjoy short sparring sessions. All of this is done with close attention to you and the agreed goals of the trajectory.

Emotional fitness

Because boxing therapy is not the same as recreational boxing; you do not need to worry about your level of fitness. It is not our goal to help you get physically stronger or to become a good boxer. It is your mental and emotional fitness we aim to improve. Just wear comfortable clothing.